1st Reunion

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Bob Rowland awarding Phil Fleischer a plaque for organizing the 1st Reunion.  It says "Phil Fleischer - 9th Med Lab Historian - Keeper of the Flame - August 1, 1998. 
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Left to Right (as the heads appear):  Keith Holmes (back), Hollis Flaherty (middle), Carl Helms (front), Bob Gibson (middle/back), Gerald Jacobs (back), Chuck Kierce (front), Creed Smith, Sr. (middle), Dave Stanton (middle/back), Bob Rowland (back), Ron Jones (front), John Heggers (middle), Mike Severson (middle/back), Bernard "Bud" Poeschel (back), Jack Knight (front), David Huxsoll (middle), Randy Manning (back), Peter Allen (front), Bill James (hiding), Phil Fleischer (back), Jay Greenblatt (front), Larry Schuttler (half hiding), Walter "Jack" Tabor and James Witzke.  Next time we'll have the wives line us up.
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1966-1967 (Set up the lab.)
Back Row:  Larry Schuttler, Bob Rowland, Phil Fleischer, Bernard "Bud" Poeschel.  Front Row: Hollis Flaherty, Jay Greenblatt, Jack Knight, Peter Allen.  Not pictured - John Heggers.
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Back Row:  Keith Holmes, Bob Gibson, Gerald Jacobs, Dave Stanton, Randy Manning, David Huxsoll.  Front Row:  Carl Helms, Chuck Kierce, Creed Smith and Ron Jones.   Mike Severson and Bill James are in the background talking.
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Walter "Jack" Tabor