Keith M. Holmes
Specialist 5th Class
July 5, 1967 to Aug 13, 1968

Veterinary Department
2661 E. Ray Ave.
Salina, KS  67401-7680
(785) 823-8902
bw.jpg (21283 bytes)
The second lab.
detail.jpg (14099 bytes)
Detail was our mascot.
friends.jpg (15582 bytes)
Friends in the Veterinary Department.
keithfriends.jpg (15257 bytes)
This is me in the middle.  I sure wish I was at 180 lbs now.  Friends in the background.
goodbye.jpg (12552 bytes)
This is a sentimental picture.  I was sitting in the jeep, ready to leave the 9th Med Lab for the last time.  The Vet. Dept. guys came out to wave goodbye with their hankies.  My emotions were mixed.  What an honor it was to work with them.
huxsoll.jpg (16325 bytes)
The fourth most important person in my life, Major David L. Huxsoll. (The first 3 are my parents and wife.)  I was a mixed up kid with a very low self-esteem.  It was Major Huxsoll's encouragement at the 9th that stayed with me all of these years.  I have often thought of him and dreamed of the opportunity to tell him in person.  Thanks to all those that organized the 1st Reunion that gave me this opportunity.
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