Members of the 9th Med Lab would like to thank

La Mansión del Rio Hotel
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for providing the facility, food and service which enhanced our ...

3rd Reunion
pictures from attendees at the bottom of page
The 3rd Reunion was a huge success because of what David Nigrelle & Mary Richardson (picture) did for all of us.  You can express your appreciation by emailing him at  David has provided a list of some of the persons who contributed their time and effort to the success of the reunion.  This list is available in pdf format (Acrobat Reader) or for a word processor (right click to download).  When time permits, send them a note of thanks.

Pete Iber's presentation at the reunion is available in PDF Format (1.9 MB - large file).

I will be glad to include your pictures of the third reunion.  Just send them to:  Keith Holmes, 2661 E. Ray Ave., Salina, KS  67401-7680.  If digital, email to

Don't forget to visit The Vietnam Project.  I just sent all my negatives and slides to be archived.  They will return them on a CD for me.

Pictures from:  Pete Iber | Keith Holmes | James Glennon | Dave & Bev Huxsoll | David Nigrelle | Ed & Barbara Portoni | Col. Charles Davis | Kim-Binh Kibler | Phuoc Germine |  Bob Kanzinger | Steiner (Chuck) Kierce | John Heggers, Kim K. Mai - (who is next)


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