2nd Reunion
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May 11-13, 2000

Joe Hurt & Wife; Asa Barnes & Wife

Phuoc Germion, Kim Binh C. Kibler, Joh P. Heggers, Danh Lutz, Khu
Mai, John Barravecchio and Lee Cobb

(1968-69?) Ninh Lawhon, Danh Lutz, Kim Khue Mai, Phuoc Germine, Nhan Pham, Kim Binh Kibler, Xinh T. Le and unknown.

Russell Harley (Path. 68-69), Col. Leroy Heiger, Jack Albertson and wife

Kim Binh Kibler, Phuoc Germine, Kim Khue Mai, Dr. Bernard A. Harris, Jr., Danh Lutz and Ninh Lawhon

Ninh Lawhon, Phuoc Germine, Kim-Khue Mai, Kim-Binh Kibler and Danh Lutz

(1968-69?) Nin Hawhon (Nin Dong), Phuoc Germine (Phuoc T. Luu), (Danh T. Truong) Danh Lutz, Kim Binh C. Kibler (Kim Binh T. Cu) - Picture taken by Col. Glenn A. West.

?, Glennon, Phuoc Germine, Kim Khue Mai, Danh & Tim Lutz, Russell Harley and Loren Quigg
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